Adalynd Grayves, wife, mother, author, and designer. Come join her in the Garden where Monsters, Myths, and Fairy tales come out to play. Adalynd is a writer of Dark Fantasy, the Bearded One’s companion whom she loves dearly. She’s also the mother of a tiny dragon who is both fierce and cute, and she may be a dragon herself, but she’ll never tell.

Hoarder of craft supplies, coffee cups, yarn, bandanas, and books. Adalynd loves tacos, tea, and toast (with cinnamon & sugar). When she’s not momming, she’s writing, creating, gardening, DIYing, and for sure playing her favorite video game Fallout. She’s pretty introverted but can be coaxed out of her cave with the promise of good conversation and tasty food.

She also enjoys spending time with her family and has been married to the love of her life for fourteen years. Adalynd currently resides in the majestic state of Arizona (her homeland) where she keeps her eye out for spicy land lobsters, has a growing petting zoo that includes chickens, ducks, cats, dogs, salamander, and one cute rabbit too.

She hopes you’ll take a walk in the forest of her imagination and join her as she wanders through her worlds and stories.

Upcoming Projects

Elements of Flesh Series

Calypso’s Song

Book One

Releasing in 2022

Faeted Mates

Releasing Dec 13, 2022

Direwolf Bounty Agency Season One

Bounty: Wanted Dead or Alive



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