Given to the Wolf King

Two kingdoms share a single curse. Can a princess and a king come together to save their people?

Facing trial for a crime she didn’t commit. Aoife knows she must put her duty as the fae princess before her own freedom and leave Erainn- the home she so fiercely loves and wants to protect.

A darkness is infecting both fae and human kingdoms alike. Only by accepting her father’s command to live with the Wolf King in Nairn can she discover what or who is causing it. Feeling suffocated and trapped on castle grounds, she looks for a way to escape, but finds herself developing feelings for the king and ultimately decides to stay.

Cullen knows the alliance between Erainn and Nairn protects his people, but many say the fae cannot be trusted. With hatred growing between the two kingdoms, he does what he thinks is right and takes Aoife as his ward. While there is no hard evidence to prove her crime, he sees a darkness in her, but this doesn’t stop his budding feelings for the fae princess.

Faced with plotting enemies, and the curse spreading. Can Cullen and Aoife set aside their differences to bring their kingdoms together in peace? Will they give in to their true feelings?

Content Awareness. This is a slow burn, enemies to lovers’ romantic fantasy that addresses darker themes with a guaranteed HFN (Happy for Now). This story takes place in a fantasy world of the author’s making. Please scroll down to the world map.

Find Given to the Wolf in King in Faeted Mates.

~Map of Eavelaen~ The World of Faeted to the Clawed Throne Series~



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