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Soooo I worked up some very BASIC covers for the stories I'd like to write next after I complete Calypso's Song. In all honesty they will probably come out before before it does. I want Calypso's Song to be as perfectly polished as it can be before I present it to the world. Here's why:... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2019

Hey there readers and writers, Halloween will be here tomorrow! It is one of my favorite holidays and not for the candy. I love the old traditions and folklore tied to it more. Anyway! After that NaNoWriMo starts! Write 50k words in November! NaNoWriMo is the acronym for National Novel Writing Month. I did some... Continue Reading →

Sunday Reads

Newest addition to the bunch Death's Kiss from Lexi Swann. Beautiful cover I beta read this lovely and absolutley loved it. Evenly plotted out for the paranormal aspects and romance. Plus it involves necromancy. The characters are interesting and I love the world Lexi has created! Definitely pick it up today: Death's Kiss on Amazon... Continue Reading →

Death’s Kiss Release Party ~OCT 15th~

Come join in on the party! Hey there readers and writers, Come help me celebrate a friend's new release! Author Lexi Swan's new necromancy romance releases tomorrow. There is an amazing author lineup ( yours truly included at 2pm EDT) The genres and stories all vary but you can expect vampires, ghouls, werewolves, mermaids, and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Reads

I have a thirst for books and I'm starting to pay the price 😂 I have so many books I've started reading but I'll share three that are the most recent adds to my ebook collection. First up is Queen Awakens by the lovely and talented Trish Beninato. I am lucky enough to say I... Continue Reading →

Saturday Author Spotlight

Hey there folks! I love our Saturday Author Spotlights and today I am interviewing E.W. Barnes; who like me can't stick to one genre (plus let's get real it's boring! Especially with so many new worlds to explore. Let's find out more about E.W! Time to get this interview started. What inspired you to start... Continue Reading →

Title Reveal!

I'm excited to announce the title for the dark mermaid story. Let me tell you all a bit about Calypso's Song! Like the titled divulged. This story is about a 22-year-old woman named Calypso and her transformation from human to mermaid. She's always been the shy and quiet type because of her crippling anxiety but... Continue Reading →


A while back when I first started writing again I joined this site called Savvy Authors. They had affordable classes for authors and some other cool things. Anyway, it's been one of those writing resources I thoroughly enjoy and am always happy to have on hand to help me with the writing craft. They have... Continue Reading →

Saturday Author Spotlight

Hey there readers and writers, I last graced your presence on Tuesday with a couple of teasers from my mermaid WIP. I hope you enjoyed it and I am excited to bring you the next blog post that features the Saturday Author Spotlight. You don't want to miss this interview and I am so excited... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings

Sometimes it's rather nice to just sit and enjoy all the little moments in life. Instead of full speed ahead and always going. Enjoy the moments of slowing down and living. Taking some of those moments today. Frustration had set in earlier but I pulled myself back and asked myself if all the fuss was... Continue Reading →

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