Write Weds

Y'all I got nothing... If you're out there writing a poem, a story, a script, or even a song. Just keep writing... Just keep creating... It's the simple advice that will get you through to the other side. Every day write, draw, read, paint... Whatever it is you do and love.Do it everyday. Whether it's... Continue Reading →

Sunday Reads

Hey there creators, One lovely and amazing book today! The Vampire Debt by Ali Winters. 🥀It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Vampire in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a mortal snack.JUST 5 DAYS UNTIL RELEASE PREORDER TODAY:www.thevampiredebt.comhttp://www.books2read.com/thevampiredebtRuling by fear and fang, vampires walk among us. Fed up... Continue Reading →

TUESDAY THOUGHTS into the mind of Lexxy

What an interesting time to be alive with this COVID-19 pandemic. Store shelves are bare, events canceled, some businesses closed/ closing. I've seen people lose their jobs already. I'm a big home body and work from home so I feel for all of those people who aren't working. I hope this all smooths out here... Continue Reading →

Women in Publishing Summit 2020!

Boosting signal for those interested in a free online event for women who would like to learn more about the publishing process. I signed up for this event and definitely wanted to share it here with you all. I ended up going with the all-access pass so I could review all content later. My mind... Continue Reading →

Sunday Reads

Hey there Readers and Writers, Are you looking for something new to read this week? I have some GREAT new releases to share with you from some amazing authors I know. You know me I hate wasting time with small talk! Let's get to the book details below! Read on to find your latest book(... Continue Reading →


Hey there folks, If you follow me elsewhere you will see I have an Instagram dedicated to nothing but the books! It took me a couple of days to come to the conclusion that the blog would be better if it tied to my bookstagram IG and the focus of the blog included book reviews,... Continue Reading →


It's been a while since I posted some new books. This one isn't necessarily a new release but a damn good book that I don't mind rereading again. I'm participating in a read along with a fellow author friend Lexi Swann. We are all reading "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness. It is book... Continue Reading →

Slow & Steady…

The last couple of weeks in December were unkind to the Vorpahl family. We all ended up with severe head colds. Christmas was lowkey and we barely got well enough for our New Year Eve party. Thankfully we were able to celebrate the new year with good food and amazing friends. That being said I... Continue Reading →

December is a time…

For rest. I've noticed several other author friends are at a stand still with writing. Must be the impending holidays. Every store we've gone to has been exceptionally busy. My husband and me are not the type to shop heavily for Christmas/ Yule. We tend to like things simple so this year won't be about... Continue Reading →

Changes- Projects

Soooo I worked up some very BASIC covers for the stories I'd like to write next after I complete Calypso's Song. In all honesty they will probably come out before before it does. I want Calypso's Song to be as perfectly polished as it can be before I present it to the world. Here's why:... Continue Reading →

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