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Hey there everyone,

It has been a hard month as I saw my sweet dog Trixie over the rainbow bride Sept 2nd. She had become extremely ill and then they found a massive growth inside her body. With her having Valley Fever surgery was impossible. The hard decision was made to help ease over the bridge. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I miss Trixie so much.

This has pushed some of my writing projects out further but honestly Trixie was more important as my family, and I made sure she was taken care of the best we could. Given to the Wolf King will still release with the boxset in December and then when January rolls around I will have the e-book ready for Bounty: Wanted Dead or Alive. It is now a completed Kindle Vella story.

With that I do have some books to share. Along with a very hard few weeks I am struggling to get Mailer lite to work for me, so I am posting my newsletter update here as well.

I also wanted to reiterate the direction I am going in with my writing. I will be writing Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Romantic Fantasy. I want an epic feeling story with a heavy romance subplot. I will have some books without the romance though as I am pretty sure I want to keep writing more intricate worlds and characters. So basically, I should have something for everyone as time goes on and I grow in my author career.

Whether or not I choose another pen name… I haven’t really decided. I might use A.Grayves for some short horror stories I am planning we will see!

I just hope y’all stick around. If you’re a reader like me, I love variety and love sharing that with others.

Also, I will be sharing books that are inclusive to many communities. You’ll see bipoc, lgbtq+, and why choose.

I think that is it.

FR33 & 99 Cents Reads and MORE BELOW!

CLICK IMAGES to open in a new tab to snag up your book

DON’T FORGET to grab your copy of the 1st ten chapters of Faeted Mates today

Stay tuned next month for more books and updates here on the blog.

Best Regards,

Adalynd Grayves

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