DBA Episodes 1-17

I never thought I’d be running the family business alone, but a freak hunting accident left Fenris, my Direwolf companion and me half-dead. Luckily, we pulled through, but my dad he didn’t make it. Now I am searching for the people responsible for his death while digging up the pieces of secrets he kept. A fast pace, Urban Fantasy tale with slow burn romance. Suggested age for reading is 18-up (there’s some spicy scenes).

How to sum up 17 episodes? 18 is written and being edited as I type this. Aaima goes back to work only to discover more secrets than answers. She’s in for one hell of ride with demons, vampire covens, and a mysterious creature on the loose.

Meet Aaima, just turned 24 bounty hunter, but she’s not your typical bails bondman. In fact her main job is keeping the Supernatural community under wraps and dealing with unruly Sups. When her dad dies she spirals downward in her grief.

When John, an old family friend pulls her up by her bootstraps, she gets sober and starts looking for the answers. Answers to her dad’s secrets, answers of who tried to kill her and her Direwolf Fenris.

She’ll also face her past and forge a new future.

Bounty: Wanted Dead or Alive

Kindle Vella is a new serialized reading experience. First three episodes are free to read. Check it out today. 200 tokens will get you all of my episodes and then some so stay tuned for new episode releases.


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