Direwolf Bounty Hunter Agency

My newest creation is the Direwolf Bounty Hunter Agency.

Direwolf Bounty Hunting agency came into being while I was creating a book cover to sell. The more I worked on it, the more I knew I wanted to tell the story of Aaima, the supernatural bounty hunter, and I knew I wanted her to have a companion-a Dire wolf named Fenris, so I kept it for myself.

When I thought about her creation Dean Winchester, Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bo from Lost Girl and real life bounty hunter Domino Harvey all immediately came to mind . She lives fast and plays loose with the rules. Her life changes when her dad dies. A tragic event that will be her catalyst for growth. I also knew I wanted her to have a banshee sidekick, but I wanted them to be different, so in came Stephen, a male banshee hidden from the world by his mother and for excellent reasons I can’t yet divulge.

Direwolf Bounty Hunter Agency on Kindle Vella

A New Adult Urban Fantasy series with fresh episodes added weekly. I never thought I’d be running the family business alone, but a freak hunting accident left Fenris, my Direwolf companion and me half-dead. Luckily, we pulled through, but my dad he didn’t make it. Now I am searching for the people responsible for his death while digging up the pieces of secrets he kept.

Suggested age for reading is 18-up.

Want to chat DBA with me? Look for Direwolf Bounty Hunter Agency group on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/direwolfbountyhunteragency

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