Mythology Monday- ENKI& Other Musings

Monday is here and January is coming to a close. I swear time goes by faster when you’re older. First thing is first. I had the worse thing happen in Google Docs while using the ProWritingAid add-on. I had been working on the first edits of Calypso’s Song in there without issue… then suddenly it ate 50 pages of my manuscript. I ended up having to restore an older version and copy the edits it did save but it was only chapters 1 through 8.

So Calypso is postponed once more and I honestly haven’t had the gumption to edit despite moving everything back to Word. So lesson learned. Google Docs with the ProWritingAid add-on is a NO GO! ZERO STARS do not recommend lol! Now onto the mythos!

I love mythology and as some of you know it has inspired my stories heavily. For today’s post I’ll make mention of Kai. A character you will meet in Calypso’s Song. He is based off the Sumerian God Enki and Kai is really just the name he chooses to go by now versus his original name ( which is brought up in the book). Enki was the god of water, wisdom, mischief, and fertility. With Calypso being a nereid/ mermaid I wanted to have several characters who could be slotted in the same category and Kai is one of them. I needed him to be ancient, intelligent, and powerful in his own right.

He’s a mutable character. He is both the villain and an ally to Calypso. Which of course I can’t share too much there because I don’t want to give anything away but his character was fun to write with the mythos of Enki to inspire me to think outside the box.

Writers: What inspires your characters when you’re writing?

My creative peeps: What inspires you to create?

Here’s to a good week. Stay tuned for more posts.

-Wanderlust- Ink & Tome-


Resources on Enki:

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