Write Wednesday

Coming to you late ( that’s my middle name really) or maybe it’s more a wizard thing. The blog post arrives precisely when it means to *wink*.

2020 comes to a close. I want you to ask yourself what your writing will look like in 2021. How will you hone your craft? What goal do you have? Writing daily? 7,000 words per week… A novel written? A novel published? Maybe you like to write poetry and want to write more? Do it! Whatever you decide to create put your all into it ( and while this is geared toward writing don’t forget this can be applied to other forms of creation).

Put in your all, but take it steady, and go at a pace that serves you best and fills you with energy instead of depleting it.

Make each new goal attainable but with a time frame in mind. Most of all just keep writing.

Question of the day:

What is one writing goal you have for 2021?

Can’t wait to read your comments.

-Adalynd Grayves

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