Mythology Monday- Calypso

Ah finally front and center is one of my very important main characters Calypso. Her name is definitely a mouthful, but let me tell you, this character is CHEEKY AF. She starts off a little awkward and unsure of herself but let’s not be fooled by any of the sheet okay? I went through several names for her and she just wouldn’t have it. She wanted Calypso and what else can I say the rest is in her story or book one of my series that I am working on getting out before or starting in January 2021.

2020 has been quite the year hasn’t it? So many ups and downs. Some people have had it rough. Being that this a blog I simple offer holding space for those who need it. Calypso was slotted to release a lot sooner but so many wrenches thrown and here we are but I am okay with this, I want to make sure this is a great first book for all potential readers so I am thinking y’all are okay waiting and holy smokes the tangent in this blog post!


Calypso is most often associated with the tale of Odysseus since she is supposedly a nymph that held him captive for years on her island before releasing him, but if you dig deeper she is also associated with the Oceanid and considered a sea nymph or spirit. Some nereids are associated with mermaids also. Her name means to conceal/ hide/ or deceive. A tiny bit of a spoiler here. Her name is very fitting to her character especially since she’s been hidden away from the villain Ceto for years. I can’t tell you why but you’ll figure it out when you read her story and I hope you will.

So, Nereids will be a big thing in my flesh series and I am excited to use something different and new. When I started my story Calypso was a mermaid( still is) and I wanted to use Siren as well but when you look into them more you will find that they once were not as synonymous as they are now. This is why you will see Sirens depicted with wings. They got mixed with mermaids who are tied to Nereids ( you could say the legend of the mermaid comes from them). So in the spirit of keeping that distinction I decided to omit siren as a term for my mer people. I’ll be using mermaid and Nereid.

thanks for stopping by for Mythology Monday.

As always here’s some cool resources to read later if you’re obsessed like me:

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