Mythology Monday- Ceto

Hello there travelers,

Monday is here and I will be spotlighting my villain Ceto. Now Ceto is loosely based off the primordial Greek Goddess of the sea with the same name. She bore Phorcys a host of monstrous children and was considered a sea monster herself. She was also associated with all the dangers of the ocean and she is one BAMF if you ask me.

Some of her children were the Gorgons ( yep Medusa would be her offspring), Scylla ( sailor eating crab goddess- so badass), and Ladon ( hundred headed serpent). As I write this I have ideas for new stories swirling and I am squealing about it but sheet! I need to focus… Where were we? Oh yes! Ceto’s namesake and inspiration. I love the idea of taking monsters and giving them stories. Some will be villains like Ceto; others will be heroes, or something close to one. I can’t wait for y’all to meet her in Calypso’s Song.

Extra notes:

While my Ceto is definitely different from her Greek counterpart I took into consideration her mythos and applied it to my story. There’s a dab of Ursula in the mix too and I had fun with the creation of this character. I’d share more but I really want to wait till December so we can talk about it more.

DO you like mythology? What is your favorite mythos? I can’t choose to be honest. It fuels my imagination further. It feeds me new ideas and I like the learning process.

Some cool resources of things I mentioned above:

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