Book Review- Dawn of a Banshee

Hey there creators,

I wanted to share one of my latest reads with you this evening. I love being a beta reader. This book I am sharing right now is yet to be released. Luckily there’s such a thing as preorder and I love pre-ordering books

Dawn of a Bansed by Lexi Swann

Urban Fantasy trilogy featuring a banshee as the MC!

If you love Teen Wolk & Supernatural, you will love this series!


Pace was perfect, story was action packed and each new chapter had me wanting to know more.

Does end with a cliff hanger but there’s a sneak peak of book two so you’ll be okay I promise.

Non-spoiler review on Goodreads:

Lexi Swann does it again. Crafting a new world meshed with our own and she does so effortlessly! I loved the pace of it too.
I like a happy medium where there’s enough detail to get grounded in the story so there’s no confusion about where you’re headed with the characters, but there’s also enough action and intrigue to peak and keep you interested/ wanting to know more about where the journey will lead them. 
You’ll want to read more after every chapter. It will be hard to set the book down. 
Also I love that our main character is a different supernatural type being than what we normally see. We need more banshees and I definitely need more of Harper’s story! Can’t wait to read book two!

Notes: beta reader- beta copy. Thank you Lexi for valuing my feedback and entrusting me with your stories before they’re released. It’s truly an hono

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