Write Weds

Welcome to Write Wednesday! I’ve been meaning to get this post series off the ground but I’ve been in the editing cave.

Obviously this isn’t a bad thing. Revisions are being made on Calypso’s Song before I send it to my editor so absent author is not a bad thing right? Let’s get to the purpose of this post though before I ramble on some more.

What is Write Weds? I’ll be sticking to writing topics only. Anything to deal with writing is fair game on Wednesdays.

Now for this week’s writing post:

My Writing Process

If you’ve read previous posts you might be familiar with some of my writing tips and toolbox posts.

I mentioned using OneNote and 4thewords.

I’m still using them to write my manuscripts.

Here’s what I do/ my writing process so far:

I pull up 4thewords to battle creatures and complete quests. Gamer at heart so this is my favorite part of writing. Battle some creatures and defeat them with a specific word count. I’m so there!

I usually write in word then paste it into 4thewords. I prefer to write using a courier font. This is a personal preference. It helps keep my creative flow.

My outline/ notes are all in OneNote. I have this pulled up and open it up on one of my computer screens ( we have two love working this way).

My outlining process consists of me telling the story to myself. Length varies and I have those major plot points planned out but I leave things open so I have wiggle room to write.

So basically I’m a planster. I plan a little bit but I also just go where the story takes me and well my characters are feral and tend to take over. Which I’m totally okay with I might add.

Reasons why I use Word and OneNote:

They’re on the computer and work well for me thus far.


I love gaming and it gives me a way to game with a purpose and different outcome. Also sometimes I don’t get to hop on Fallout or ESO like I would like to.

I start to have mild video game withdrawal lol! So 4thewords is a godsend really. Actually, I used to have a serious issue with playing video games… sometimes I would play for a full day straight or so. Almost passed out from not eating once.

Luckily, I’ve curbed that crazy behavior and now enjoy gaming in a healthy manner lol!

Why an outline works:

How many times have you started and finished your novel? For some its doable and works. For others we need just a bit of structure ( or a whole lot!) to tackle the task of writing books and completing them.

Especially if we want to publish them! I have been, in the past, the queen of unfinished projects and I hated it.

I wanted to change that and so I did.

It’s also nice to know where you’re headed with major events in the story.

Open outlines are nice for those of us who need it that way.

I think that’s about it for my writing process.

Oh! I use comments when needed. I do not edit as I go. Again write then edit but this is where comments come in handy. If you need to add a note in there you can while writing in word.

Trust me it will help you out later. So, one more time… keep writing that story trust me on this one. Remember queen of unfinished projects. I have been published but I started writing novels and short stories in 2011.

I could have published much earlier had I stopped editing while writing, finished largwr writing projects by not editing as I went.

If youre stuck like I was hopefully these tidbits help you.

Now for your thoughts!

What is one thing you do that helps you finish your writing project?

Do you outline?

Let me know!

– Lexxablereads

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