S.A.S Amber R. Duell

Hey creators,

Another author interview on a lovely Saturday. Amber R. Duell is here with us today to share some writing tips and a bit about her books. Who’s ready to read on further?

What inspired you to start writing? 

My mom used to tell us bedtime stories she made up instead of reading us books. It made me want to tell my own.

When did you decide that you wanted to publish your first story? 

When the first person who read my work–years into writing–enjoyed a chapter. It still took years after that to have anything worth reading, but at least I had a goal.

Describe your writing space. 

I write mostly on my couch with my laptop and a fuzzy blanket.

How do you do research for your books? 

It depends on the book. My Thumbelina retelling had me researching the year 1930 and the Netherlands, but my Dark Dreamer series had me reading up on fears.

What motivates you to keep writing? 

The people who enjoyed my others books!

Writing can be emotionally draining and sometimes stressful- particularly when stepping into the publishing realm of things. Any tips to share for the aspiring writers out there? 

There is no one formula to success so do what works for you and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.

Tell me about the books you write.

I write character-driven stories with dark themes. My favorite villains to write about are sympathetic and my favorite heroes are flawed. Sarcasm nearly always works itself into everything I work on.

How many books have you written so far? Are you in any anthologies? Which book has been your favorite to write? If you have a one that is. 🙂 

6 with 3 releasing in 2020 and 1 anthology. My favorite is the Dark Dreamer trilogy how that it’s done, but my favorite to write was Fragile Chaos. Making up my own pantheon was so much fun!

Do you have a favorite character that you have written? Why are they your favorite? Are they the main character? Tell us about them. 

Kail from the Dark Dreamer books. He’s super snarky and takes crap from no one, but he’s also a wounded soul.

Tell us about your latest writing project 

I just finished co-writing an NA faerie Wizard of Oz novel, Tin, with Candace Robinson. Now I’m writing an upper YA novel about a girl that helps a demon track down a killer who is trying to frame him.

Let’s get to know a bit more about you. What do you like to do when you are not writing? 

I love making bookiah hand embroidery! I put them up on Etsy when I’m done because I just enjoy making them for stress relief. Also Netflix and books.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? 

Organized. Helpful. Tired.

If it were possible to have your favorite season all year long what season would it be? 


Why did you chose that particular season? 

Fall has perfect temperatures, Halloween, and (at least in the northeast) smells amazing.

What songs/ music are on your playlist? 

I let Spotify make them for me lately so it changes daily.

What is your favorite food? 

Anything coconut!

Who is your favorite author and why? 

Marie Rutkowski. The Winner’s Trilogy has reigned as my all-time favorite since I read it, and she’s such a nice person!

What are you reading right now? 

I just finished Legendary and am waiting for Finale to be delivered.

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you? 

I’m really sensitive to spicy food. I can’t even handle pepper.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?





Thank you for joining me on my blog today. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we head on out?

Thank you so much!

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