Write Wednesday

Hey there creators,

It is Wednesday, and it’s all about writing, editing, and publishing. Right now since this is a newer post on the blog; I’ll stick to writing in the beginning.


Are you a writer? Are you looking for a fresh angle on the writing process? Something different from what you’ve already researched or tried? SAME HERE! My brain is a funny creature that doesn’t adhere to the norm- EVER.

I plan to use Write Wednesdays to go over what I am trying and what is working/ what’s not. I hope you’ll stick around to join me and try something new with your own writing process.

Right now the biggest help in writing daily is a website called 4thewords.

4thewords is like an old RPG computer game. You make an avatar; you start a quest and then you battle some creatures. The only difference is when you go to battle the creature, instead of special attacks, weapons, you write.

So you will battle a creature for 30 minutes and write 400 words ( random example). To beat the creature, you just need to write that word count before time is up!

I love gaming so it is the perfect external motivator for me. It also gives me something else to look forward to while I write. I like the challenge it presents. It also keeps focused I know I have a limitation in place.

I have a hard time focusing and 4thwords just helps me stay on task.

It is subscription based, decently priced and well worth it.


You can type into the document section of the website I prefer to write in Word and then I copy & paste. Might take an extra second that’s it.

Do you find that you’re easily distracted when working on writing? What helps you focus?

I also like to have music on. I make playlists for each WIP I have going (see like I said; focus is all over the place).

Do you write with music going? Do you need to be in silence? I am curious what others do.


I always like to include a small tidbit for the creators out there who aren’t nessarily writing. Finding something that helps keep your focus is always a good tool to have. When I crochet I prefer a movie, I have already seen or I will listen to an audio book or other video I wanted to watch.

I keep my hands busy so I soak up the information. Not a good listener otherwise.

As always I hope all is well, happy creating,


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