#FreakingFriyay & Pins of the Week

So I don’t care if this hashtag ever becomes popular it’s mine and I like it 😂

It’s freaking Friyay y’all! When life wasn’t in the midst of a pandemic I was excited yet exhausted by Friday (guess I still am). There was excitement to have my husband home for two days but also I try to clean house hardcore so we are not spending the weekend in the house with chores.

Sometimes it worked out and other times meh. I admit I don’t spend a lot of time cleaning like I used to before my niece was here while we had guardianship and now with my son.

I think time with him is paramount. Especially with the stay at home order in place.

I’d rather read books, build with blocks and work on other things. I’ll get to it eventually but really the husband and son are always going to be my top priority (along with fur and scale covered kids). I clean to keep dust and other gross stuff at minimum ( but toddler y’all).

The rest is whatever. So there’s toys in living room I’m cool with that.

Anyway I hope this Friday finds you as well as you can be creators. Let me know how you’re doing. Seriously I care. I want to connect here. Let’s chat! Also….

*Drum roll*

My pins for the week come from my “Inspired Words” board.

I use it to collect a myriad of quotes that either hit the spot for me or made me think. Some I’ve used to inspire my writing.

These three really struck deep. The monster one reminds me of the perception of evil. Is evil born or made? It’s an age old question and one I like to see in fiction (think Gregory Maguire’s “Wicked”).

The mirror one is something a person should contemplate on their own… also helped with an outline I’m working on for another story.

And then the last one. I love it. I enjoy solitude when I can get it. There’s something about it that always rejuvenates me and makes me whole again. *Howls*

Link to my board:


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