Sunday Reads

Hey there creators,

First, I hope everyone is having a safe and decently fun Easter. Second, time for books. This one will be a little different. I have one book recommendation- free to read on Kindle Unlimited. The other two are books I am reading now.

The first is by S. Breaker titled Save Yourself a Steampunk scifi romance.

A unique, fast-paced sci-fi adventure. Mistaken identities. Parallel worlds. Government conspiracies. Out of time. Save the multiverse. Save yourself. Don’t get erased. Ready?

I love it when scifi meets fantasy. Better yet anything with the word steampunk. I have a bit of obsession there if I haven’t mentioned it before.

The second is Alive by Sunset, book 2 in the Rituals of the Night by Kayla Krantz. If you’ve been following my posts I have read book one and really enjoyed it.

The third book is nonfiction. I love gardening, chicken keeping, etc. I wanted to see if there were some new ideas I could use for my backyard. Homesteading is a dream of mine and it’s never to early to start the process! I’ve been at it for years. Even while the husband was active duty military ( People would call our apartment balcony the oasis on the 2nd floor lol) I also think it’s a good idea for everyone to get involved but that’s just me 😊

I think that is all I have for you today. See you here soon and happy reading,.

Book Links below:

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