Sunday Reads

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The Accidental Witch by Gemma Perfect. I love a good witchy series. Definitely adding this to my TBR and moving it up after I finish another series first.

“I’m not a witch.”

“You are now.”

Those are the staggering words I heard after chasing my dog, Macaroon, into what I quickly learned was a magical ceremony. There, I was struck by an ancient power which invested me as the head witch of all supernatural creatures.

By accident.

Fun side note: the mantle was supposed to be granted to my crush, Fletcher, who… guess what… also happens to be a witch. Thanks to Macaroon, I really stepped in it this time. 

As freaked as I am, the coven is in a complete tizzy. Fearing a magical upheaval in the supernatural community, they warn that no one can learn of this catastrophic secret. But when I’m overcome by a devastating vision, I discover a far more sinister darkness closing in. 

Partnering with the coven, can we find a way to transfer the magic to Fletcher? Or will the chaos of rebellion bring the supernatural community to its knees? 

Fans of young adult fantasy that leave readers gasping for more will love The Accidental Witch by Gemma Perfect!

Get book here:

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