TUESDAY THOUGHTS into the mind of Lexxy

What an interesting time to be alive with this COVID-19 pandemic. Store shelves are bare, events canceled, some businesses closed/ closing. I’ve seen people lose their jobs already.

I’m a big home body and work from home so I feel for all of those people who aren’t working. I hope this all smooths out here soon for all of us and that we come out on the other side okay.

I know words are just words so I hope everyone will be all right. I’ll admit we are a bit low on toilet paper and we need some more groceries but it will be fine.

I grew up in a small town with our cattle ranch not too far so I do have some skills there I am going to put to use.

I also plan on seeing how my neighbors are doing and local friends too.

Though this is a time of limited contact I definitely want to help where I can.

How is it where you are? Let me know I want to hear from all of you!


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