Write Wednesday

I’m dedicating Wednesdays to the topic of writing. I have this massive pinterest board with a plethora of articles I’ve either read or pinned to check out later ( mostly the latter heh).

I want to make my way through some of those unread pins and share my thoughts with you in the process.

Today I want to share this fun little infograph from Now Novel (Novel Now ) -Starting the story scene.

There’s so many ways to begin a story. Which one is your favorite? I personally like a story that starts out with action and maybe less detail so I’m pulled to read further. Too much description at the beginning can be a turn off at least for me.

Of course this is my personal preference for reading and writing. I suppose I could try some other story beginning in the future.

There’s something about being thrust into action in the beginning of a story but I do like the idea of scene setting ( number 4).

There’d be ways to make that scene work to your advantage as a writer. Adding a splash of suspense to get the reader to read on further.

Which story starter do you prefer and write?


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