Hey there folks,

If you follow me elsewhere you will see I have an Instagram dedicated to nothing but the books!

It took me a couple of days to come to the conclusion that the blog would be better if it tied to my bookstagram IG and the focus of the blog included book reviews, book lists, really just all the bookish things. I’ll still slide some writing tips in there but be prepared for all the delicious book posts I have in store. I might throw some crafty type posts in there as well.

Soon you’ll start seeing some new posts geared towards my love of books. You’ll get details and reviews on books I’ve read, books to read, swag, I’ll have author interviews of course and maybe some other cool peeps on the blog too.

I’ll randomly announce my own stuff here and there but really my newsletter will be what you want to stay uber connected and in the know about my own writing and books so don’t forget to sign up for it. I have a sneak peak into chapter one for Calypso’s Song.

Thinking of what else. Pretty much covered it I think.

You’ll start seeing more of those posts over the next few days. I hope everyone likes the changes. I look forward to connecting and discussing some tasty reads with each and every one of you!


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