Write Tip Tuesday

Hey all!

Check it out! I’m here and I’m blogging about writing tips whoot! Bet y’all are just jumping with excitement ( hey you better be).

I’m flying by the seat of my pants with this post today. I’m currently thinking about what tip to share. There’s always so many and they all vary. Also what works for one writer doesn’t always work in the same way as the next.

Maybe that’s the tip I’m really getting at. Take it all in stride. Adhere to the idea that you get to forge your own way.

Take the tips you see, test them out and tuck the ones that work for you in your toolbox and leave the rest behind and don’t forget to share you might be able to help someone who has a passion for writing just like you.

I also like how general this advice is so if you’re not a writer but let’s say you paint or crochet. I swear the same principle applies. Find what works best when you are creating. You want to enjoy and love the process.

I may be repeating myself from blog posts past but I think it’s good to rehash every now and again.

So tell me what’s one writing tip or advise you’ve received that helped you while you were writing/ creating?

Author Lexxy Vorpahl

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