Slow & Steady…

The last couple of weeks in December were unkind to the Vorpahl family. We all ended up with severe head colds. Christmas was lowkey and we barely got well enough for our New Year Eve party.

Thankfully we were able to celebrate the new year with good food and amazing friends.

That being said I wanted to tackle 2020 with some serious force but my body had other plans. Exhaustion and a secondary infection brewed in my sinuses. So very typical for me especially after an intense head cold… I had to just let things be.

So I didn’t ride into 2020 blazing new trails swiftly. I haven’t written like mad or jumped on the resolution bandwagon ( not a bad thing I might add- just not for me) Instead I moseyed on in slow and steady.

Normally there would be extreme frustration there. There is so much I want to accomplish this year. But I’m content with letting things play out as they should.

Sometimes you gotta let loose the reins. Let things flow and keep the stress levels down. I didn’t really want to be stressed this month anyway heh!

I’ll admit it is hard. But I know myself well and I usually face burnout when I jump in head strong and ready to get all the things done.

So I think I’ll keep this pace up that I have going right now. Books are and will be written. Teasers shared, and connections to readers will occur.

I have to step back and curb my intensity. Focus is great but I need to use it more wisely.

Do you rush right in to get things done like I do? Or do you plan it more so burnout doesn’t occur? Let me know in the comments.

I’m working in less burnout and more turnout.

May 2020 be what you need it to be.

Author Lexxy Vorpahl

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