December is a time…

For rest. I’ve noticed several other author friends are at a stand still with writing. Must be the impending holidays. Every store we’ve gone to has been exceptionally busy.

My husband and me are not the type to shop heavily for Christmas/ Yule. We tend to like things simple so this year won’t be about the gifts but about the time we spend together with our son ( long story short my niece I was caring for is in transition to go back to her mom and my heart is filled with overwhelming joy for so many reasons I’ll share more when the time feels right)

The memories we will create in the process are what really matter. I am very excited to come up with some money free traditions that bond us closer as a family.

I’ll also be working hard to get my newsletter rolling. It will be a way to reach out past the blog to y’all and I’m excited for that next step.

I want to share snippets of upcoming stories, news on releases, and so on. I’ll have some other exclusives to include but will announce it all later.

I’m also going to concentrate on getting all the things read. Okay not all the things but I definitely want to have books up for you to check out and a review for you to read over.

Usually I have a Sunday Reads post. I’ll resume that later. Wishing you all the best for this holiday season. What do you celebrate? What’s your favorite part of December? Do you have a favorite holiday drink?

I can’t say I have any but I do enjoy a good dairy free nog ( dang milk allergy) and a nice hot mulled cider.

Let me know in comments how this month has been going for you.


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  1. We don’t really celebrate Christmas, but ushering in the new year is usually a big deal. Will look forward to the snippets.


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