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Soooo I worked up some very BASIC covers for the stories I’d like to write next after I complete Calypso’s Song. In all honesty they will probably come out before before it does. I want Calypso’s Song to be as perfectly polished as it can be before I present it to the world. Here’s why:

I have multiple characters telling the story and with that comes a distinct issue. Information and details need to be seamless throughout- no muck up’s allowed. I suddenly understand why G.R.R.M takes years to put out his Song of Ice and Fire books. The details you have to absorb, recall, and remember to make sure there are no inconsistencies can be tedious. I have so many notes already it is CRAZY! I have actually taken to the comments part of Word like an editor and leave them there for me to review later.

My first run of edits will be finding any of those inconsistencies and fixing them for sure. I’ll have to blog about that process when the time arrives. In the meantime I’d like to have some shorter works available for everyone to read. Again, thanks for the being here while I walk this worded path. Stick around it does get interesting! heh!

In my reader’s group on facebook; I polled the group for creature feature ideas. So far Valkyries won out with Shapeshifters next ( but with a special twist- I grew up with tales of skin walkers living so close to the Navajo Reservation- I’d like to include some of the stories my grandfather told me as a child- he was the best storyteller I know and surely it is bias I know, but I loved listening to him tell stories each night before we went to sleep.

He was the type that could whip up a story on the whim with a few keywords he asked us to give him. He’d take those words and weave such wonderful tales. I wish I could remember the minute details. I have considered producing an anthology with some of his most famous stories included.

Definitely something to think about further. Wait hold on! Where was I going with this new projects announcement heh! Anyway! I made three covers. One for Calypso, one for the Valkyrie series, and I also included vampires- but with a Grimm fairy tale twist!

I slapped them up on my home page so when you get a moment go check them out. I know they are not perfect by any means but I think I did some decent work there. I also just wanted some images to tease y’all.

I need to update some other projects and put them up there. I am co-authoring a novel, writing Calypso, and planning out the rest.

What projects do you have going? I’m really interested! Doesn’t have to be books or writing related. I am also working hard on my etsy shop in the background so please divulge your awesomeness in the comments and we can cheer each other on in the process.

Happy Thursday! If you are writing 50k for NaNoWriMo- sending all the good vibes to you! If you’re not you get those same awesome vibes too!

Happy reading, happy writing,


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