Sunday Reads

I have a thirst for books and I’m starting to pay the price 😂 I have so many books I’ve started reading but I’ll share three that are the most recent adds to my ebook collection.

First up is Queen Awakens by the lovely and talented Trish Beninato. I am lucky enough to say I have met this red-headed goddess in person and we are friends ( I’m also her PA!) Queen Awakens is a new adult shifter novel introducing college student Charlie white wants nothing more but to study hard and graduate early but unforeseen events send her story in a different direction.

Queen Awakens (The Dark Secrets Chronicles Book 1)

Second is The Cripple’s Game by Jonathan Birdsall. I’m in the beginnings of this. The prologue pulled me quickly. I needed to know more about this demon who is summoned to possess a lifeless newborn’s body. Seriously that alone will have you intrigued. He is a other author I PA for. I love his twisted sense of humor visit his fractured sense blog here:

The Cripple’s Game

Third is by newsletter signup only. First I’ll suggest grabbing Fight the Good Fight: Echoes of War book one by Daniel Gibbs and reading it first! Please read it first.

This is a military scifi/ space opera series that I am digging completely. I love that David Cohen is Jewish. How often do we get a Jewish main character? I value diversity in writing and so far I’m enjoying David’s story. He wants to be a rabbi but events in the book put him at odds with what he wants and what he is good at.

Stand Firm is the prequel to Fight the Good Fight- this follows Levi Cohen David’s dad. I’ll share Daniel’s site and EOW book one for you to make up your mind there.

Fight the Good Fight (Echoes of War Book 1) for newsletter

And there you have it folks! My Sunday Reads. What are you reading? Are you like me with several books going at once? I need to curb that habit though but it’s just how the brain works. I’m working on it heh.

Also I do PA for all of them but there is no bias here I just love books, love reading, and stepping outside my box when it comes to genres. If the story interests me I’ll give the book a read.


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