Hey All!

Hey there readers and writers,

I have missed you so! I have been so busy securing spots with other indie authors as their personal assistant and working on my own writing( also mom life always mom life), that the blog sat there in a dusty, darkened corner; waiting for my return. I dusted the poor thing off this morning and apologized deeply.

I have some things brewing so to speak. I am usually in the thick of writing short stories for different anthologies and that usually means a different genre that what I write in. I am now zoning in and concentrating on my writer voice and the genres that speaks to me the most. I like things a bit on the dark side so I am going to see where my stories take me.

I’d like to focus on darker fantasies and some science fiction with that post apocalyptic/ dystopian flavor. Those are my favorites to read, watch, and read some more. I am working on this dark mermaid fantasy and so far I like where it is headed. I honestly didn’t think I’d be up for a story with a mermaid but the characters presented themselves to me while I was trying to write for an anthology I wanted to be in. Instead of getting into that antho I decided to take the story further making it the book I will publish first.

I also decided to get into the head of three of my characters. I have some great teasers up every other Tuesday in my reader group. visit the Groups tabs on top of page to learn more. Or click here. I can’t wait to share more with everyone. I do have a question for you all. Do you like the idea of reading dark fantasies and some darker scifi from yours truly? Are you good to cross those genres if I do?

I personally love when authors explore and write in multiple genres. I haven’t really presented just one genre on the blog either. I would like those opinions though. Thanks for stopping by and I hope this blog post finds you well.

-Lexx Writes

that’s the kiddo’s hand lol!

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