Been missing from the blog but that time away was not wasted! I have another short story out in an antho titled ” Marked”. You can find my Paranormal Romance short in ” Romantic Interludes” on Amazon here:

Story line up is as follows:

The First Butterfly Princess – K.T. Munson

A Little Bermuda Love – Sheri Chapman

Her Vampire Boyfriend – Chandra Trulove Fry

Lost in a Memory – Carrie Humphrey

The Soul Harvester – A.S. Wilkes

Alicia’s Dark Shadow – Paige Clendenin

Marked – Lexx Vorpahl

Liandra’s Undying Love—April Fitts

Eternal Love – Kasandra Sheckles

I am honored to be a part of this antho with all these wonderful authors. Each of our stories are unique but have a common theme of searching for love with the paranormal twist.

Here’s my personal blurb for Marked:

He’s marked for death and she’s the one to deliver. But a chance encounter sends Cael and Tessa both spiraling into dangerous and tempting territory. Why does his own kind want him dead? Will Tessa’s life be forfeit? Will Abaddon spare Cael’s life? Will they come out on the other side together?


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