Bog Witch with a Twist

I have been working on and writing down details to another potential story. I had this dream about two aunts and their niece around ten years ago. The dream always the same, always intense. The niece was the main character. I saw everything through her eyes. Some of the things that stood out were the garden and the aunts evil nature. They weren’t straight up evil but they were not “good” if we want to put it in those terms.

They had a taste for using bones and flesh in their potions. They were often used to discipline offenders of a town nearby without the town coming after them. Right now there are a lot of ideas swimming around and the dream memory accosted me violently one day with such force I knew I needed to get all the deets down.

I am unsure where the story will go. Are the aunts as evil as they appear to be? What about this niece of theirs? She was heavy with insecurity and doubt in her abilities. I love when a story hits and the possibilities are endless. I hope to get the idea solidified soon.


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