Beta Reader

This is such a good topic to bring up, this won’t be typical. I have several articles I found on it to share and then sharing what I have done as a writer so far to get my beta readers gathered.

I knew at some point I would need beta readers. I always thought oh better use them for the book. Why oh why did I limit myself in that thinking? I am writing short stories for anthologies. Why not get some beta readers to help me polish those stories off before I send them in?!?!

So today I began working on gathering beta readers and made some google doc forms to get that all going to keep things tracked and in order. I even made a feedback doc for my beta users to read and gave a deadline for them to get back to me and here’s why:

It is okay to do so, you are sharing your writing with someone. A beta reader should be aware of your expectations. I asked for email so I can send the story document to them with feedback response link. I also asked a few questions and made some statements they needed to agree to. ( like not sharing those stories with others or copying,etc).

I even provided each anthology I will be writing in and gave them the option to choose which short story they’d like to read ( with an all option as well).

I posted on my author facebook page about it and then shared it to my personal. So far I have some comments from interested folks and one person who took it seriously and promptly filled out the form, This is why I suggest making one in the first place. Get the people who mean business and stick with them. They will in turn stick with you also.

I think it always pays to be professional and set up everything to run smoothly. I was glad I had just done a beta read for a fellow author and enjoyed her set-up ( which I semi-copied) I got to read a new book and help an author out but it also progressed my own thinking. SO many damn wins!

Anyway below are some of the resources I liked best:

Articles of interest for the writers/ authors:

Not a writer/ author? But a reader visiting my blog, and you like the idea of beta reading? Read this:

-Lexx Vorpahl

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