Self-care Sunday

Readers and writers alike,

Have you taken the time for some self-care? This is your weekly reminder to find a day to relax, unwind, and just rest!

Writing is tough, super tough if you ask me! Particularly with two kids. How do I fit all the stuffs in and take care of myself?!?!? I’m still figuring this out!

I let myself reach burnout and the consequence was two different illnesses from Jan to the last week of Feb ( I started to feel better on the 26th of Feb).

Never again! ( hopefully lol!) It meant drinking enough water, eating solid meals with whole foods, and trying to get some extra zzz’s in.

Then it grew from there. I pampered myself a bit. Self-care looks different for everybody. Mine includes a self-spa day and Epsom salt bath.

It also is just taking some time to be alone to recharge. I listen to some binaural beat meditations too.

What do you do for self-care my friends?


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