Character Profile: Donavan, Jacob, and Natalie.

My short story titled ” A Divine Christmas” that was published last year in ” Apocalyptic Holidays” has a few characters within the story. First we come in contact with Donavan and Jacob. Brothers first by choice and later by law ( Don always had a thing for Natalie, Jacob’s twin sister).

Donavan is one of my favorites. He’s a devoted family man. Family is everything. His pregnant wife is top priority to him. Don grew up with some pretty awesome folks for parents while Jacob and Natalie did not ( more on this later).

When the end is knocking on his doorstep he does everything that it takes to ensure her safety. Not only because he truly loves her but because he knows what she went through as a child. He hid Jacob and Natalie from their dad more than once in their time together. He also beat the crap out of that twisted man for trying to kill his friends when they were all sixteen.

Jacob is one of my most dynamic characters in my humble opinion. While he is a doctor he also has no qualms over killing a man if needs be where Don prefers to spare others. All three have prior military experience due to war in their late teens, early twenties.

They’ve been through a lot and have managed to stay together no matter what. Even after a nuclear attack it is them all together. It will be interesting to see where they all end up next.

I enjoyed writing about them as brief as it was and hope to write more of their story in the future.


( Image created by me in PicsArt)

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