Writing Affirmations? Vision Board? Bullet Journal?

Has anyone utilized either of these for writing specifically. Many people use affirmations to manifest their dreams and stick to their goals. I’ve used vision boards for exercise and it definitely gave me a a unique form of motivation day in and day out.

I’ve started to dabble in bullet journaling and came across a few articles about writer bullet journals that contain all the notes from the year.

I think this would be awesome! All your story ideas, research notes that can help with more than just one story all in a book you’ve created yourself. If you’re like me you create things in different mediums not just writing.

Bullet journaling could be a new writing tool to for you to test out? I’m giving it a try and will post my progress as the year goes by.

I suppose my vision board for writing is already up since we know how much I dig Pinterest. But I do think having quotes or images place strategically around the house can be helpful as well.

I have a few quotes here and there for me to read. Mostly on our fridge but I wouldn’t mind some framed ones later.

So tell me do you use either if the three mentioned and how?


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