Wisdom Wednesday

Today is that lovely day where across social media you’ll find a popular hashtag #wisdomwednesday. I like the idea of concentrating on finding two to three pieces of wisdom you can apply to your life each week to help you obtain your end goal.

This could be from an image on Pinterest ( hehe there I go again), someone else’s post/ words on Facebook or Twitter, etc. Or even something you find yourself. MAYBE it’s from a book you are reading? Fiction or not, it is amazing where you can find wisdom in words.

Is there a passage in a book that speaks to you? Does it touch the very depths of your soul? Maybe a conversation with a friend or loved one has left a great impression on you? Perhaps even a child expounded some wisdom that utterly amazed you; after all out of the mouth of babes is something we hear quite often.

Share your tidbit of wisdom for this Wednesday with me in the comments.( if you want to that is, I can’t wait to read it).

My tidbits of wisdom:

From someone else:

“To create your best work, you’ll have to make room for it. You’ll have to cut out the excess noise and focus on what really matters: the writing. I don’t know your distractions but you do.”

– Jeff Goins “You’re Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)”

Now my personal tidbit of wisdom:

I’ve been struggling with a lot of things lately: postpartum anxiety being at the top of the list. I had an ephinoy the other day, a lot of the issues were because of unhealthy boundaries and negative thinking. I had to rein myself in and take another look at my negative thoughts and those personal boundaries I needed to reinforce,for my health and overall wellbeing.

I had to remind myself to take a step back and look at my negative thoughts rationally. Now that sounds silly to someone with anxiety but it really works. Those fears and worries are always the boogeyman for me. I blow them out of proportion on the daily. I envision the worst happening to my family and friends, but reality is this: I can step back and look at those thoughts objectively. Instead of dwelling in the fear and worry I can get at the root of the problem. Most of the time I’m worried that I’ll lose those dear to me. The ones I love most and I’ll be left alone to suffer.

But I’m not alone. Even when bad things happen I am not alone. Admittedly, connecting to others is hard for me. I’m introverted, guarded, and want to make sure I’m building up meaningful relationships.But I also have other health issues that affect me so I’m not always super social or connected as I could( possible should) be.

I’m definitely working on that. I also want to work on the recurrent negative thoughts. I’m a strong believer in changing our inner narratives especially when they lean heavily on thoughts that only hinder us.

So I suppose the first bit of wisdom is show yourself grace and extend that grace to others compassion is a beautiful thing. Compassion for yourself and for others.

I know I’m not the only one dealing with stuff so I’ll put it out there. If you’re having a hard time you got this, you can and will find a way through it. Change your narrative. Thoughts are powerful things, don’t let your thoughts control you, you control them. Always remember that.

And that’s where I’ll slide right into the boundaries business. I had worked on this before extensively…or so I had thought. Turns out I needed to reinforce boundaries once more. NJ Some of that has been speaking my truth and letting people know when they’ve crossed my personal boundaries.

I realized someone in my life constantly encroaches on them and you might have someone similar in your life. It’s okay to tell them to stop whatever they are doing or saying. Put the line in the sand and let them know where it is and why.

Now some people are not receptive to the concept of boundaries and that’s okay they have issues of their own. Show them grace but keep your boundary intact. Even if they are unaware, put it up and let it stand there so to speak.

You owe it to yourself. Boundaries are what you are willing or not willing to do or be, it’s also your tolerance factor. You have limits don’t be afraid to set them.

And don’t be afraid of how people react. That’s on them, not you. You get to choose who to be, what you do, and what your limits are not other people.

Well, there you have it! My wisdom for this Wednesday. Again, looking forward to reading yours.


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