Saturday Spotlight- Nichole Wolfe

I am thoroughly excited to introduce our next author for the Saturday Spotlight. Nichole Wolfe, she is a stay at home parent, who moonlights as a Paranormal Romance author. Her stories are steamy with just the right mix of action and bloodshed. She enjoys scrapbooking and crochet ( a woman after my own heart!) She’ll introduce herself from here on out and tell us a bit about her writing and books. She will also give us some advice and tips for writing Paranormal Romance. If this is your genre; this post is for you. I’ll be letting Nichole take over now:

My tordid affair with romance books began at the tender age of twelve.  Yes, you read that right. Twelve. It started with Harlequin, as so many love affairs do.  The ones you see sorted so very neatly in your local Walmart or other department stores. But, eventually, and with much browsing and page flipping involved, I realized that love stories were great.  But love stories with magic, monsters, and mayhem…straight-up fantastic. I soon began writing my own romances, dabbling in different subgenres, but always seeming to come back to my one true love – paranormal romance.  

And here we are, almost two decades later.  Stories have come and gone. But I finally got to a point where I was ‘now or never.’  You’ll never think your book is perfect. Just do it. My expectations were super low.  After all, I was a complete unknown in the massive sea of authors, and particularly romance authors.  And so, I hit the daunting ‘publish’ button on Amazon and sent my precious book baby into the world on October 30, 2018.  

First Kiss of Freedom is my debut novel, the first in a new dystopian paranormal romance series that takes place after immortals have taken over, plunging the world back into the brutal days of slavery and savagery.

A vampire consumed by revenge.

A slave with a secret even she doesn’t know.

And a love neither of them ever wanted.


Nessie Robinson spends her nights bleeding into their hungry mouths.  Flinching as their fangs sink into her flesh. Wanting to scream and run away.  The life of a vampire’s slave…sucks. Pun intended. And when Nessie’s old flame, a vampire she’d stupidly given her young heart to, returns, life gets lethal.

Charlie Matthews returns to his Maker’s mansion with every intention of slicing the prick’s head off.  At precisely the right moment. But when a simple feeding turns into something more, his plans for revenge are jeopardized.  And suddenly he has a new mate he never wanted. That clearly doesn’t want him.


The tension sizzles off the pages in this slow burn, hate to love paranormal romance where the stakes are high and the scenes are hot.

Author’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual scenes and graphic violence not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

You can read the first chapter for free here —

You can GET YOUR COPY for just 99c or read for free with Kindle Unlimited here —


Romance is the hottest selling genre in the market.  Bar none. It accounts for more than half of all book sales, and those stats are probably higher for ebooks.  If romance is your passion, then jump in. Get your hands dirty, so to speak. But don’t get into the game thinking it will be fast, easy  money. Because you are going to start off being a tiny plankton in a vast ocean and it will take time and hard work to move your way up the food chain.  It’s about patience and dedication to your craft and career. So, let’s get started.

First, finish your book!  It might seem kinda obvious advice, but so many writers never hit the publish button simply because they never finish a complete story.  But you can! If you get halfway through your story and lose interest, don’t drop it and move onto the next one. Ask yourself why you lost interest.  Was it the characters? Were the stakes not high enough for them? Did the plot leave something to be desired? Are you simply not sure how to end the story?  Do you not know where your characters are going or why? Once you figure out what the problem is, you can focus your efforts on fixing the problem rather than just leaving the problem sit in your growing pile of unfinished manuscripts.

Now, once you finally type the most beautiful words in the English language, ‘The End,’ it is time to either 1) let it stew for a little while before reading all those words you typed at 3am in the midst of a caffeine high, or 2) give your manuscript to someone else to read.  Now, regarding the first option, how much time you take before picking it up is really up to you. Some writers give it months, others only a week. With option two, it might seem scary. But, if you want to be an author, you might as well get used to other people reading and judging your work.  The earlier, the better. Just make sure that whomever you choose to read your manuscript, they actually enjoy and are familiar with your chosen genre. You don’t want to give a western romance to your friend who only enjoys reading hard-core sci-fi. Probably not gonna end well for either of you…just saying.  

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