I’m reflecting back on last year and the lack of time management that exists in my life. I truly have no idea/ clue what a good daily schedule looks like…( do you by chance?) Is it one where I write in the morning after dropping off Little Miss?( and the boy takes his first nap) Or do I write in the evening when both kiddos are asleep? But what about sleep for me? ( ahhh sleep I miss you)

Gah dilemmas! Seriously clueless at this point. I could come up with a specific time to write but I doubt it will be the same all the time considering how fast babies grow in a years time. My son is already 7 months old and crawling all over the place.

Maybe a definite time set, is not for me? Maybe I have to roll with whatever the day gives me until there’s more of a rhythm to the schedule with this wee cute babe of mine? I know for sure that the ultimate goal is to write every single day no matter how many words are written. I just need to write.

I have chosen short stories for anthologies but I want to write at least one novel this year if not more. I want 2019 to be my year! What about you reader? How do you want 2019 to play out? Do you have any concrete goals? Do you believe in publicly announcing to keep yourself accountable?

So many thoughts swimming around, luckily it’s the start of a new week and my ear infection is still healing. That is adventure I would rather do without for the rest of the year that’s for sure! Worst infection I’ve had in a while. I’m currently sitting here only able to hear clearly out of my left ear.

I may need to go back to the doctor but wanted to give the meds a chance to finish their job. I feel a lot better but I am worried that the infection isn’t completely taken care of.

It really messed up my plans of cleaning and writing! But it also made me realize I needed to prioritize my wellbeing so I can accomplish the goals for 2019. Admittedly, hard when you’re a breastfeeding momma and lack of sleep has a deep hold on you.

I need more naps and some time to refresh. All communication factors with the dear hubs. It’s hard though. I’m notorious for overloading myself. Another goal this year! To stop overloading and only take on the things I can handle.

I was typing this up on my phone while a certain cute boy was eating and now he is in baby dreamland so I’ll head off to work on those stories of mine ( they certainly won’t write themselves).

How’s your Monday so far?


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