Writing Toolbox 4.0

Ah tools to help us write. I’ve done a few other posts that were geared toward the writing toolbox feel free to check those out after reading this one.

So, I came across this pin on pinterest ( cough) and thought it worth sharing.( you’ll learn to love my obsession as much I do- if you find yourself clueless read over older posts and you will see that pinterest and me are tight AF)

There are days we get bogged down by things and what better way to release all the sh** with a simple writing/journaling exercise – in walks the concept of a brain dump!

I’ve done something similar in this past when I couldn’t sleep I’d take out a notebook and write whatever came to mind. Now this particular exercise is a bit different and more specific. The printable list I’m sharing goes over things like fear,anger, sorrow, and incomplete goals to name a few.

ALL THINGS that may(are) hindering your writing processes. Maybe you’ve pulled yourself up to the computer comfortably nestled into the back of your chair, but you find yourself unable to write. Time for a brain dump! Whoot!

I’m going to try this at least once a week and see how it goes. I like this idea as a writing tool because life happens, sh** happens, sometimes it’s best addressed with what we are good at and this, to me is right up a writer’s alley.

Brain Dump Template

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