Oh 2019…

Please be kind to me. Over Christmas I had two sick kiddos. We didn’t do much besides presents and sugar cookie baking/ decorating. They are feeling much better but this momma right here always catches it later of course!

So 2019 please be kind, I have some writing to do and goals to accomplish. Being sick while breastfeeding royally sucks like it does when you are pregnant. Can’t take much of anything, worried to take some things so you suffer it out a bit longer than most. I managed to write today despite the low grade fever and malaise. In other words feeling craptastic!

It is what it is, I’m ordering a butt load of elderberry lozenges with zinc and will make me some hot lemon tea with raw honey in the meantime. Time to kick this crude in the arse!

Anyway, how’s 2019 treating you? Hopefully better than me. Ah this too shall pass. I’ll whine a little and move on. I’d write more about said goals but my brain is lacking the capacity to do so. Hate the sickies, I’m still not getting enough rest so to speak, the boy feeds early in the morn. I enjoy every moment of taking care of that boy. But truly moments like this one when your body is so run down all you want is sleep you whimper a bit and trudge on because they are precious little humans. He is my miracle baby. Part of me says no complaining but I also think it does me a disservice.

I’m allowed to hate being sick, feeling less than when I want to be at 100% efficiency for these kiddos ( and the hubs too). So just taking a deep breath and jumping into the shower to talk to my characters a bit about their story.

Oh 2019 please be kind to me!



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