#WriterMomLife 1.0

This is a hashtag I have been using recently when I post to my Instagram and man does it sing to my momma soul. Without a shadow of a doubt… writing becomes ten times more interesting with a baby in tow. It really makes you question whether or not you can write that novel you’ve been planning, and that is just the beginning. Once the novel is written; there are so many other things to do. I had planned on the indie publishing route but oh man! I will have my work cut out for me.

I dare say, I am going to push forward, even with the impending craziness I know will ensue. From time to time I may write about this particular adventure. Motherhood and writing. I think it a worthy cause, because I know there are other writer moms who need support ( I know I do!). So all you mom’s out there, be you writers of novels, poems, or short stories. There are others out there. We do have our own tribe we just need to gather together.

Oh and just for records sake. I’ve mentioned my six year old. I am her mommy but I did not give birth to her. I got her when she was 1 1/2 years old so whole other ball game there. I was writing then and of course there were unique challenges there as well. Which I’ll delve into later.

Anyway, so for my first #writermomlife post advice, find your tribe and resources that will help you in your adventure. Always write even if you only get 10 words in. Remember writing a book isn’t always about the writing. You can work on your outline, research, and develop your characters. I’ll post more on those later but for now I have a steel blue-eyed boy who needs my attention. 😍🙂

Stay tuned! I have Writer Mom Life podcast guest blogging soon!

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