I have these moments where things in life become tedious, overwhelming, and downright miserable… because let’s face it life isn’t always sweet, it’s not a bunch of rainbows or glittery goodness( though glitter being a good thing can be quite debatable). I always like the quote from Practical Magic “with the sweets comes the sour”. And sour days do happen when navigating my particular life which revolves around family, being a wife and mom, writing and just trying my hardest to actually write ( gag I know I shouldn’t even have that as a sentence but it gets the point across).

There’s other things like socializing, self-care, etc. It can get pretty intense. We have all these adulting memes for a damn reason and honestly adulting sucks today on top of other things.

I almost gave up writing like I did once before. I almost threw in the towel. I was going to delete all my stories, throw away every single notebook with storie ideas in them and just quit. I didn’t see a point because at the time the struggle was harder than I could bear.

I’ll be honest, not every day is a good day but most of you can relate. Even those who don’t write. Have you almost given up on something you’ve dreamed about for years? Maybe you have given up. I’ve been there too and here I am at 32 years old of age just wanting to complete the unfinished. Focus on one thing and say I did it! I kept at it, kept writing, and here is what I have to show for it ( super awesome novel goes here).

But this morning I just wanted to say **** it! But I didn’t… I had to be rational in those moments. There would most definitely be regret over deleting a 60,000 word manuscript. I’d have to become a trash digger and get those notebooks out of the trash; hoping they wouldn’t be ruined by food…

So, instead of giving in. I took a pause and reminded myself to keep going… Bad days happen. It is how we handle it that matters most and I didn’t think wallowing in all the negativity was worth it so moving on…

Have you ever almost given up? How did you get through it? I believe working toward ours dreams and goals is important, doesn’t mean we don’t have super sucky days. Just matters how we deal with them right?


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