Animal Companions

As writers, there are many areas of our lives that bleed into our writing for better or worse. One such topic that I’d like to touch upon today is our animal companions.

I’ve written a few short stories here and there over the years with an animal being tied to the main character. I’ve always liked the idea of including animals in my stories who share deep ties to their human counterparts.

I often use my own experiences for the story too. I have this cat, this wonderfully loyal and precious kitty who is not a typical cat at all. When I first met her she was considered a cat that was impossible to touch let one adopt out.

She hated other cats and especially hated the humans tending to her. They had to wear gloves to enter her cage and they had her placed in the far corner away from all others.

At the time, when we visited the Humane Society in Hawaii, we were originally in search of a dog but I begged my husband for a chance to just look at the cats and get some kitty loves. I needed a feline fix and so after a few unsuccessful meet and greets with the dogs there he relented and we proceeded to mingle amongst the cats.

We started out in the area where the cats shared an area together. I hoped my husband might change his mind. But he didn’t. We were about to leave but I said something about looking at the kitties who were in their own little area. I went straight down the end and there she was.

I looked inside to see a brilliant pair of green eyes staring back at me. I was completely mesmerized by her. I gently put my hand up so she could sniff and sniff she did.

I gently scratched under her chin. The volunteer there gasped in delight and exclaimed that nobody had been able to pet her and even asked if I would consider coming back to help with this particular cat since the hubs made mention of our intent to adopt a dog.

I said yes but there was something about this cat that tugged at my heart strings. I looked at my husband and said she’s meant to be ours and sure enough she came home with us that day.

This cat has been amazing and like no other. She is loyal to me and very different compared to others. She comes when called and she sticks by my side. Wherever I go she goes too. When we had our house fire in 2014 all I had to do was yell her name. She came running and jumped into my arms! She’s been there when my anxiety was crippling. She’s been there when I’ve been so sick I couldn’t move. She’s been there no matter what I’ve gone through.

Along with this she’s moved across the states with me. She flew from her native home ( Hawaii) to the mainland with ease. And then she traveled all the way to Georgia in a Miata with my husband and me.

She’s actually very sick with chronic pancreatitis too but despite this she is relatively healthy but I’ve taken good care of her. In fact in 2012 I had to rush her to the emergency vet who said she didnt think she would live that long ( Lils is now 12 years old and still kicking I might add).

I’d like to think that the bond we have is what keeps her healthy and alive. She does have bouts of sickness here and there but she bounces back quickly.

Our bond has helped me create my newest story’s main characters and I think adding animals companions to the storyline can be very rewarding. It tugs at things deep within us.

I’ll switch modes quickly to make mention of Fallout’s beloved character Dogmeat. Bethesda did well with including this character in the game and I know so many people ( including myself) who started a new fallout 3 game and headed straight to the junk yard to get him. Heck there are so many memes with Dogmeat and even one that mentions going back to old saves just to have him as a companion again ( if he somehow ends up dead).

I’m guilty of this and something about those damned green assholes( super mutants) attacking Dogmeat revs up the fight in me.

Now I know it’s not book related but I had to pull in my favorite example. Do you have any examples of animal companions from books, movies, TV shows, or video games you’d like to share? What about your own pet?


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