The First

Where were you when you ran your hands over the cover and turned it over out of curiosity; intrigued by the words you decided to open it up. You thumbed through it slowly in the beginning, but then each sentence, every new paragraph tugged at something inside you. You craved more, you read on and then you realized you were hooked. You needed more. Perhaps you finished it that evening. Or the next day, your eyes filled with gluttony and you devoured every word in earnest.

What was the first book that made you realize reading means a lot to you? I’ll be honest, I remember struggling with reading in the very beginning. In fact, so much so, I was held back and attended a special class to help me with literacy. I can’t recall the books I read ( I was around six years of age), but that class helped shape my love of reading for years to come.  I remember loving characters the most, the twists to the plot that drew me in.

My strongest memory is seventh grade. We read “The Hobbit” and I was thoroughly hooked. I read the book three times over before the class ever finished it.  It will always hold a special place in my heart but I can’t say what the first book was and if there will ever just be “one book”. It has been several books over the years. I could name so many that this blog post would be exceptionally long. So I’ll leave you with the question to answer. Do you remember the first book? Or books? What made you fall in love with reading?





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