Finish Line

I’m working on finishing up a short story for an anthology today it is due tomorrow! I’m so close my peoples! So so close! Some nerves, distractions, and a cute 4 1/2 month old have me freaking out which isn’t necessary but you know?!?! I’m excited, I hope this story does well since it leads into my series I’m going to be writing starting January. I also have another short story for a different anthology that needs to be started. I’ve been mapping out plot points, characters, world details etc.

I used to be a fly by the seat of your pants kind of writer. But now I see the benefits of plotting/ planning. I’m not the master at it but it’s helped to get me through this short story and stay on task despite illnesses in the household the past month first the 6 year old was sick, then me, then my husband and then I got sick again and so did my baby.

I thought for sure I’d have to bow out of current anthology but my outline has saved my arse! Please send me some good vibes today while I complete the last bits of my apocalyptic Christmas story. Thank you so much and just know I return those good vibes! Here to cheer you on!


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