Writing Toolbox 3.0

First thing is first! Revisiting Pinterest ( like I have posted before I have a “mild” obsession). And for a very good reason. If you aren’t an avid Pinterest user you may be unaware that you are now able to create sections within a board of choice. This is perfect for organizing materials you may be using for a current W.I.P.

I will personally suggest it, particularly if you love visuals or need to keep track of all the links in one place.  I am participating in several anthologies. I dedicated a board to them and each short story for the different anthologies is in there. Pinterest, in my humble opinion, is a great tool to use when writing.

Now on to the next tool. Writing webinars, workshops, and courses. As a writer, you want to continuously build upon the foundation you have started. Build it strong. I love participating in courses on facebook ( which I previously mentioned in an earlier writing toolbox post 2.0 to be exact-check it out). I also follow different authors and have signed up for their courses online. Along with this I highly suggest Savvy Authors. Writers helping Writers!

Their courses are very decently priced and worth it. I also like Jerry Jenkins. If you plan to publish the indie route, Derek Murphy is another favorite ( he also has a facebook group).  Do you have any favorites to share with me? For the webinar bit, most of the ones I have participated in were through the newsletters I get on writing. Find a few author/writer sites to follow for advice ( K.M Weiland is just one of my suggestions) and stay tuned. Most of the ones I follow have had webinars and some even have podcasts ( another tool to utilize I might add).

Links to some of my favs:

Jerry Jenkins

Creative Indie- Derek Murphy

Helping Writers Become Authors-K.M Weiland

Savvy Authors

There are plenty more, but those are my go to’s right now. I will again highly suggest finding some way to help you with your writing. You want to constantly work on your craft. This is just one way to do so. Have a great Monday and catch y’all later.



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