Oh, Baby!

It is a crisp Monday morning and my family’s weekday morning ritual has settled in rather nicely. The husband wakes up and heads to work while I feed our 3-month-old son. Soon the six-year-old is up and at it; getting ready for school. After breakfast, getting ready, and heading to the car, we do a quick drop off of big sister and the boy and I head home.

This is when I take advantage of his morning nap time, I do what I can to write. Some days it goes well and other days … It can be difficult, to say the least. Admittedly I am currently working on finding new ways to keep my creative flow if my writing plans don’t go, well as planned lol! Luckily this morning he stayed up playing and chattering in his new found baby language. The sweet sounds of a baby discovering their voice really makes my heart swell.

The joy this precious boy has brought to our family cannot accurately be described. If I haven’t blogged about it before. The six-year-old is technically our niece and we have struggled for years to pregnant ( over 8 years to be exact). I have Endometriosis and PCOS, this sweet boy is a miracle baby, I had given up, there was no hope left in me. After letting go of the dream of having our own children and coming to terms with it I discovered I was pregnant ( hahaha but of course!).

Anyway, life feels more complete and I love the role of mom. Which leads me into a new found challenge. How to write with a baby in tow. I know moms out there can relate. I know where my passion lies and  I need to still build up those writing habits while breastfeeding, changing diapers, stealing kisses, and playing.

My first goal is to write daily. I posted about the anthologies, smaller projects are the way to go. Any fellow moms out there who write? What did you do when the little one was still so little? I do believe keeping it simple is the way to go. Don’t overload yourself. I write and read when I can. It may not be as much as I would like but a little bit goes a long way when meeting goals head-on.

I also have limited my concentration. I have a habit of being all over the place with projects. I would constantly overwhelm myself. I know better now, that it is not the best way to get things done and realized if I really wanted my stories to be shared with others that they needed my full attention- plus I didn’t want my head to explode 😉

So, stay tuned, I will be writing some future blog posts with being a mom in mind.




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