Anthology Madness

Hello there readers and writers,

I am so excited to write this blog post today! I am working on smaller projects since I had my little one. I caught the anthology fever and will be participating in a quite a few over the next few years. The first anthology I’m writing for is right up my alley. Apocalyptic with a holiday twist. I am using this short story to give some background on a series I want to start writing in January 2019. I’ll share tidbits along the way for sure.

I really like this anthology fever that suddenly has a hold of me. When I think about the habits I need to work on as a writer being proactive is certainly one of them. I know my time is limited due to having a 3-month-old so smaller projects are a better fit. It keeps me writing but without feeling overwhelmed ( admittedly writing a novel right now seems daunting for many a reason, I know this will change as my little one grows).

Anyway, I need to go and work on that short story now but wanted to update the blog. what is everyone else working on? Let me know in the comments. Have a  great Thursday! Whoot the weekend rapidly approaches.


P.S Do you like anthologies? Share a favorite with me. Right now I am reading an anthology from the author Mathew S. Cox titled The Far Side of Promise.



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