Talent & Skill

So… I’ve been contemplating something lately. I had this innate talent for poetry and writing when I was in high school. This quickly changed due to a miraid of things. First it was someone who told me writing wasn’t worth it, next it was life in general. I pushed one of my loves aside.

So while I had this talent did I have skill? Talent is natural, skill is earned. This quote was the perfect find this morning. It fueled my determination! It fueled my desire to regain skills and feed a love lost.

It also made me realize that while I have a love of learning and I’m truly a jack of all trades, a master of none( that stings a little I might add). I need to make the choice to master different talents/skills in my life. Writing is one of them.

I quickly made the decision that it’s high time to concentrate solely on writing for the rest of the year. I have writing courses and workshops to attend. I’m reading more. You name it I’m doing the above because I love writing and it deserves my full devotion to truly blossom into something more.

So my question to all my readers out there. What is it that you love? Will you take the time to nourish that love?


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