Life’s Twists & Turns

Testing out the typing capabilities after doing something to my right arm causing all types of issues. Totally self-induced I sat wrong while I was crocheting one day ( for the comfort of my lower back at the time, sitting was uncomfortable so I chose to lay down but propped with some pillows) and now I am paying for it dearly with a sore forearm that is hard to extend completely and a hand that goes numb, mostly in the thumb ( currently typing without it… very interesting to say the least lol). I truly know better than to mess with posture when doing crafts since it affects several areas of my life! I actually have regret over thinking it would be okay this “one” time.

NOPE! It is hard to type ( doing it anyway though), I think piano practice is out for the time being ( ugh), and I can still crochet by immobilizing my thumb. I am finding that typing is hardest. Still, need to work on that. Makes the whole process of novel writing SLOW.  Contemplating ways to work around the injury currently. If you had a similar issue that has impeded upon your own progress what did you do to overcome it?


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