Motivation Monday 5/14/2018

Dreaded Monday, it is not considered a fun day… So this is where Motivation Monday comes in and that whole sentence made my head spin! Ha ha ha ha! I woke up this morning just wanting to go back to bed, the thought of leaving my nest of pillows and warm blankets made me cringe. It was only the power of coffee that helped me rise, but in truth that’s usually the case ( how’s that for some motivation? Caffeine where?!?! P.S Tacos have the same effect).

Anyway, truth be told I am debating crawling back into bed even if only for a short nap before the side-kick wakes. Perks of homeschooling, my kiddo is a late sleeper, prefers it, and mildly hates mornings ( I see this as a win-win scenario, no loss here lol!) so there are times where coffee is the only thing that gets me up long enough to do something mildly productive ( at least in the wee hours of the morn that is) and a short 30 minute nap saves the day for us both and of course she is none the wiser. I’ll time the nap, wake up before her truly who knew  30 minutes of rest could be life-saving ( I am also in my third trimester of pregnancy, sleep happens but not like I would like it to).

I needed some inspiration for writing this morning though… I will gladly admit that. So here we have a Motivation Monday post in mid-creation ( until I publish lol). I took to Old Faithful ( Pinterest) for that and came across this lovely for today.

It is beyond perfect! Writing is not something that is instantly “good”, there is a learning curve. Let the “bad” writing flow this week, you will get to edit later ( plus you have to right? So keep writing). Get the ideas onto the paper so to speak, luckily those can be changed, transformed. That is the beauty of writing.

Do you have any Motivation Monday posts to share? What gets you going when the going gets tough ( or your Monday just sucks)?




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  1. Mondays tend to be my ‘me’ days. I’m usually exhausted from my weekend of family time with extended family, so Monday is my rest day.

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