Challenge Yourself

I haven’t blogged in forever ( definitely feels that way)! And honestly, it just feels downright… WEIRD ( ah this is good, very good). Truly I find myself a bit less organized and frazzled from not blogging. The need to write something daily for this one is getting stronger and stronger! I like!

Anyway, in my local writers’ group on facebook, there are different themed posts. One that really struck me hard was “what writing how-to books” were my favorite. I can’t say I have read enough books to improve my writing that way and I certainly don’t have any favorites that come to mind ( yikes). It got me thinking… What if I chose to read a how to write, edit, etc type book first and then ‘rewarded’ myself with a novel to read after. Both are obviously beneficial to a writer, but I rather liked the idea of challenging myself in a new way.

So for the months of May and June, I will be reading a book ( or two) that helps me as a writer and then opting for a novel after. Should be fun! I am very curious to see how many books I can read by the end of June. Do you ever come up with a self-challenge? Do you think you’d like to join me for this one?

Books I will be reading with writing in mind:

Self Editing for Fiction Writers- Renni Browne & Dave King

Layer Your Novel- C.S Lakin

Books I will read after:

Honestly still deciding, I have a lot of books started and I need to chill out ( another reason why I am challenging myself like this, I have a bad habit of trying to read multiple books at the same time)

I know one thing for sure though, it will have that post-apocalyptic flavor to it for sure!





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